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How to cope with a difficult roommate?

Sharing an accommodation has become a way of life, and a difficult roommate can make life no less than hell. A difficult roommate is stubborn and does not cooperate which makes it very difficult to live together whereas if a roommate is adjusting and friendly then one can deal with all other problems quite easily. There are certain things which can make life easy while living with a difficult roommate.

[box]Set the rules – Set the rules about everything so that the partners have a clear understanding about their rights and duties in the room. Things like how many friends can one bring in the room should be clearly stated. And if one has invited someone, he must tell his partner to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. [/box]

[box]Division of Responsibility– Roommates may be kings at home but they must share the responsibilities in the room. They must divide the chores between themselves so that one person is not overburdened with the responsibility. Flexibility of Schedule –They must be prepared to adjust with each other’s schedule. Sometimes a person may get tired because of overtime etc. In this situation, one must be ready to take over his responsibility of doing the chores and visa-versa. This would only strengthen their relationship. [/box]

Adherence to these points can make life better but if the problem still persists, one can surely talk it out because communication is the best solution. It is not that difficult, life can be made beautiful while living with a roommate, just a little patience and a tinge of understanding is necessary.

what to put handbag college tabloid

10 things you should keep permanently in your handbag

Ladies often keep a fortune in their bag which makes it very difficult for them to carry the handbag. The 10 things which I think is essential for a ladies handbag are:-

[box type=info]-Wallet – This is the most essential thing. After all, the core importance of the handbag is to keep Currency, Credit Cards and Keys.[/box]

[box type=info]-Mobile – Mobile is the most important necessity when you are leaving your home. [/box]

[box type=info]-Handkerchief – It is very dangerous to leave your house without a handkerchief. The absence of a handkerchief can embarrass you anywhere. [/box]

[box type=info]-Mini Make-up Kit – To avoid any blemishes one should have a small pressed powder and a lip and cheek combo in the handbag. [/box]

[box type=info]-Hair Brush –Hair brush is very necessary. You need to comb your Hair very often to keep it in shape . [/box]

[box type=info]-Sun Glasses – This is a must for every fashion conscious woman. [/box]

[box type=info]-Hand Sanitizer – This is very essential. You could need it anywhere to clean your hands. [/box]

[box type=info]-Fresh-Ones – Fresh Ones, the paper towels wipe-off the sweat, dust and sometimes even dullness of your face. [/box]

[box type=info]-A Note book with Pen – It is one of the most important things. You may need it to note something etc. It is better to keep it with you than to go out searching for it. [/box]

[box type=info]-Identity Card – You should never leave your home without it. It can help you in the worst situations like accidents etc. [/box]

My mother always had her handbag bulging but now she is very happy. So try it and trust me it would be very easy to carry yourself while you are away from home.

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Make sure you’re in line!

College grants and scholarships help students make up the difference between what they can afford to pay and what the college charges in tuition and fees. In an era when parents are increasingly unable to help pay for a university education as their stock portfolios and home equity shrinks, college grants and scholarships can help make up the gap.

[box]A scholarship is generally a merit based award. For instance, the most famous scholarship is probably the athletic scholarship where a student gets a full ride including tuition, room and board in exchange for playing on a school’s sports team. But other scholarships exist as well. Colleges try to put together the best overall class and they use scholarships to entice students to their campus. [/box]

Students with high grades or test scores, significant community service or leadership, or certain artistic skills often are the recipients of institutional scholarships.

Scholarships are also granted by community organizations such as the Rotary Club, businesses, and foundations. While the requirements vary from award to award, they always feature some level of merit.

Sometimes scholarships have a need-based component, but they are usually based in large part on merit.

Grants are also free money. Unlike scholarships, the distinguishing feature of grants is that they are based on need. While there are general qualifications such as a minimum grade point average, grants are awarded to make up the difference between what the college charges and what the student can pay.

Sometimes the university itself steps in and helps the student with a grant. Other times, the state or federal government makes a grant. Perhaps the most famous grant is the Pell Grant which the federal government awards to students coming from the lowest quartile of the economic spectrum. These awards are for up to $4000.

College grants and scholarships are different from other types of aid because there is no work involved and they do not have to be paid back.

Work-study grants, for instance, are contingent on the student working a 10 to 20 hour a week job on campus. Universities prefer to hire students receiving work-study to fill their student assistant positions because the federal government foots much of the bill.

Loans have to be paid back once a student graduates from college. Because they are packaged as part of the overall student aid budget, many students do not realize what a hardship it will be to pay these loans back after they graduate. They leave college with tens of thousands of dollars in student loans that must be paid back on an entry level salary.

That’s why it is best to go to a school where the college grants and scholarships make up the bulk of the award package.

You can find out more about College Grants and Scholarships at http://www.TopScholarshipBlog.com
There, Stacy Fox blogs about trends in scholarships, specific scholarship opportunities, financial aid programs, and more. She has a specific affinity for unusual scholarships when they pop up.

You really need to check out her blog if you are at all concerned about college grants and scholarships.

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10 Tips For a Great Bahamas Spring Break Vacation

Spring break travel packages offer great deals to those on a budget. If you are hoping to go somewhere warm and bask in the sun for week, the Grand Bahamas Island is very affordable and easy to get to. If you are planning on a fun spring break vacation then get your group together and book now. With the limited hotel inventory available it is not too early to arrange your spring break trip. Here are 10 tips in making your spring break trip go off without a hitch.

Get your group together and determine how many people and how many rooms you are going to need. This may be the hardest part of booking ay vacation. If you become the group leader you may be eligible for a discount on your vacation package.
Make sure everyone who is going has the appropriate travel documents. Going to the Bahamas does require a passport to leave and enter the US. If there are members in your group who need to either order a passport or renew the one they have the process may take up to 6 weeks and waiting until the last minute to rush the passport will cost extra.
Make sure everyone is aware of the cost to go. Expense will include: flying to the Bahamas, hotel, food and beverages and transportation. You can fly directly to the island or take the cruise ship from Florida to the Grand Bahamas. Most Bahamas travel consultants can arrange for direct flights or the cruise ship; it will depend on size of the group and the budget. If you like the idea of landing in Fort Lauderdale and meeting up with group and then cruising to the Island then consider traveling on the Discovery Cruise Ship. The ship is a fun party to the island and a great time to meet new friends.
When booking the hotel or resort consider the all-inclusive spring break packages. These vacation packages include room, food, taxes and gratuities and all your beverages too. If you stay at the Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach, which is located about 15 minutes from the airport, you will not need to leave the resort. With its fabulous beach front, large pool, basketball court, tennis, gym, restaurants and discos, you will find everything you need is there. All inclusive vacation packages are great mode of vacationing on a budget.
Transportation to and from the hotel or resorts is usually not included in the packages so you will need to hire taxis or rent a car. If you are not interested in driving by English rule (opposite of the road) or your plans don’t include leaving the resort then renting a vehicle is not recommended; however, if you want to explore the island you will need a drivers license and proof of insurance and be sure to confirm with your travel consult regarding the renting age for cars as it may vary.
The dress code on the island may surprise you as it is considered in very poor taste to go shirtless for men or in bathing suit tops for women; most stores and restaurants will require cover-ups and shoes. The same goes for with walking around the lobbies of resorts. So if you are going to the beach and plan on heading somewhere to grab a bite to eat be sure to bring a shirt and shoes. Also, public display of affection is also frowned upon for either straight or gay couples.
The Grand Bahamas Island does have its own currency but the US dollar is also expected as are credit cards and traveler’s checks.
The primary language on the Island is English but you may hit pockets of heavy accents and dialects, so be patient.
Give yourself plenty of time on your return trip to the US especially if you are flying out of the Grand Bahamas International Airport (FPO). You will go through immigration twice once to leave the Bahamas and once to enter the US; this is time consuming and can take a few hours, particularly during the spring break vacation rush.
The Grand Bahamas Island is generally a very safe place to travel for US citizens but like any foreign country you should use caution and be aware of your surroundings. Don’t wander off by yourself and should you choose to go off the resort’s compounds travel with a friend.

The Grand Bahamas Island is a wonderful vacation destination for spring breakers. The weather is tropical, the beaches are beautiful and the cost is affordable. When booking any vacation it is always recommended to book with a travel specialist.

Emma Adams provides advice and recommendations on vacation packages, Spring Break vacation packages, cheap Bahamas vacations, all-inclusive vacation packages to all the Bahamas Islands, and travels extensively to the Bahamas learning about the resorts and things to do. http://www.gobahama.com offers the best travel deals to the Bahamas has a unique service of a personal travel consultant to help determine the best resort package available.

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Adieu, Steve Jobs!

For all of the stuff said about him, we know not to judge a person merely by what he hear! Steve Jobs was a victim of tabloid bashing – I cannot recall an article that wouldnt mention how big of a control freak he was or how he loved having a finger in every pie.

But we LOVE you Steve – for the side that noone would see. For it has to be a man of passion who would lead us 25 years further in evolution in the course of a few.

God bless you, and while you’re at it, send us a comment from heaven.


Book Review: The Mayor of Casterbridge By Thomas Hardy

[box] Book Review: The Mayor of Casterbridge By Thomas Hardy [/box]

The “Mayor of Casterbridge” is the masterpiece of the ace novelist and poet Thomas Hardy. Few days ago I read it and I was floored by it. The best thing is that “The Mayor of Casterbridge” is internationally renowned as a literary classic, yet it is fiction. I have read that Thomas Hardy started out by writing stories for Newspapers and Magazines. His stories used to be in serialized form and the readers waited eagerly for the next part and I can believe it because this book is so interesting that I am still under its impact.

The story of “The Mayor of Casterbridge” revolves mainly around four characters namely Michael Henchard, Susan Henchard, Elizabeth Jane and Donald Farfrae. Michael Henchard is the main protagonist of the story, an ordinary hay trusser, who is accompanied by his wife and baby daughter Elizabeth Jane. Henchard in a bout of alcohol sells off his wife and daughter to a sailor named Newson.

After this Henchard repents and pledges not to touch alcohol for 21 years (to repent for every year that he had lived). Susan and Elizabeth (now 18 yrs old) set searching for Henchard though Henchard progresses to “The Mayor of Casterbridge”. Donald Farfrae is Henchard’s Manager who, in the turn of events gains more popularity than Henchard. The story goes to narrate his struggle with his falling popularity, his hatred for Farfrae and his relationship with Susan, Elizabeth and Lucetta (His fiancé who secretly marries Farfrae). Will Henchard be prosperous again or will he bring doom for himself, one can read in this book in a very interesting manner.

The best thing about this book is the narration. Thomas Hardy is known for his narrative abilities of which this story is characteristic. Each scene is described so beautifully that you just feel like watching a blockbuster movie. He gives attention to each and everything in detail. Just consider the opening scene – “One evening of late summer, before the nineteenth century had reached one-third of its span, a young man and woman, the latter carrying a child, were approaching the large village of Weydon-Priors, in Upper Wessex, on foot”. You can almost visualize it. I also liked the way the author handles the character of Elizabeth Jane. She is simple yet beautiful and intelligent.

What people of my generation may not relish is the sad and depressing set –up of this story. Michael Henchard‘s guilt which is always disturbing him, Susan Henchard’s dilemma about how to reveal the truth to her daughter and the introvert and always introspecting Elizabeth Jane give you a very sad feeling. But I think the theme of this novel is brilliant – “Character is destiny”. Thomas Hardy has established this thought very intelligently through the character of Michael Henchard.

It means that your destiny is decided by your own character. Henchard was a hard working hay trusser but because of his own shortcoming he loses his wife and child. He repents the next morning but of no use! Then again he rises to the high position of the Mayor but due to his jealousy and hatred for Donald Farfrae, he loses the trust of the public. He loses everyone, his wife, his most trusted friend Farfrae, Lucetta and his daughter. He is alone with nothing left and in the end you cannot but stop feeling sad for him.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel “The Mayor of Casterbridge”. It is a great read, enjoyable as well as quality. This novel shows what separates the great writers from the ordinary ones. Hats off! Mr. Hardy.


If Rasputin went to Princeton for fall of 2011 …

[box] If Rasputin, a Russian history figure went to Princeton for fall of 2011, what could you learn from him as a college student? [/box]

Grigori Rasputin (1869 -1916), a mystic monk and healer was one of the most powerful yet controversial personalities in the 19th century Russia. If he went to Princeton for fall of 2011, he could teach the college students, Supernatural Powers. It is said that once his father Efim Rasputin’s horse got stolen and Rasputin who was then a little child, identified the thief who stole it. In his youth Rasputin was involved in many illegal activities like sex and theft. As an act of penance he spent three months in the ‘Verkhoturye’ Monastery where after he is supposed to have had a vision of the Virgin Mary. Consequently he turned into a religious mystic and wanderer. He healed many people with his mystic powers and especially the women became his dedicated followers.

Rasputin can teach the students the ‘Art of Healing’. While Rasputin was wandering in Siberia, the Czar of Russia, Nicholas II and his wife Czarina Alexandra had a son the Czarevich named Alexsei. In the unfortunate turn of circumstances, Alexsei fell sick with treacherous disease ‘Hemophilia’ (a state when even if there is a small cut, a person keeps bleeding until empty). The Czar and Czarina became really worried as their son’s sickness would have eliminated his chances to become the Czar and they were not telling anyone about his disease. Alexandra then took the help of her friend Ann to contact the small peasant healer, Rasputin. Rasputin travelled to Petersburg in 1905 and took the responsibility of healing the Czarevich Alexsei upon himself. It is said that Rasputin used ‘spiritual powers’ and ‘hypnotism’ to cure Alexsei.

There is also a belief that he used leeches to treat Alexei. Once Czarevich Alexsei got cured, the Czar and Czarina became dedicated followers of Rasputin. During the World War I, Rasputin said that he had a revelation that if the Czar did not take the charge personally, the Russian Army would be defeated. When he heard this, Czar Nicholas II who was ill-prepared, proceeded to take charge and consequently got beaten. Czar left for the World War I giving the charge of the kingdom to his wife Alexandra who in turn looked upon Rasputin for advice. Rasputin soon became her “Friend”, “Philosopher” and “Guide”. Though there were many revolts against Rasputin but the Czar and Czarina were never ready to hear anything against him. This way he can also teach the students how to influence people.

Rasputin can also teach the students, a unique belief which he called Religion named Skoptsy. His religion stood on the belief that it was fine that we should repent to get near to God but in order to repent we must first Sin. And Rasputin lived his religion by indulging in crimes like sex, continued drinking, theft and accepting bribes. He had numerous mistresses everywhere because for him it was not an illegal activity but a way of purifying a woman. He was even a member of a banned Christian sect called “Khlysty” that preached continuous sinning in order to overcome it. Rasputin emphasized on Love, Healing and Miracles.
Rasputin had a life full of controversies. He had a great influence on the Czarina Alexandra and became her personal adviser and confidante so much that people even considered a love affair between them. He started interfering in the policies of the court and filled the vacancies in the government offices with the people who pleased him.

Rasputin’s misdeeds had brought enough disrepute to the monarchy as there were stories of the Czarina’s love with Rasputin who was not only a serious offender but a small peasant as well. The court officials were extremely angry with him. They used all the tricks possible to kill him but in vain. It took a carefully thought plan made by three men of the royal family itself – Feliks Yusupov (husband of the Tsar’s niece, Irina), Vladimir Mitrofanovich Purishkevich (a member of the duma) and the Grand Duke Dimitry Pavlovich (the Tsar’s cousin). It is believed that they knowing Rasputin’s urges, they invited him to meet the beautiful Irina. While waiting for her, they fed poisonous cakes and wine to Rasputin but it was Rasputin’s good fortune or the strength of his spiritual powers but he was saved from it.

I doubt that the College students can ever learn anything from Rasputin. What they can learn is only this fact that in the end “Misdeeds always spell Doom”. A person is allowed to think whatever he likes and propound a belief giving baseless logics but he forgets that he cannot change the truth. As the holy Bible says, Christ told the Adulteress “Go, and sin no more!” Sin can never be a path to salvation. Eventually, he was shot thrice and when he died they threw him in the Neva River. Rasputin will always be remembered as a mystical and charismatic figure in history of Russia but was he inspirational? This will always remain a matter of grave discussion.


Book Review: The Picture of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde

Book Review: The Picture of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde

Classics are sacred words uttered by the most knowledgeable people who ever lived on this earth. They are epitomes of knowledge. Every word seems dipped in wisdom and every sentence a thought provoking quote, a precious jewel woven into the story. The novel, at hand – “The Picture of Dorian Gray” is likewise a literary classic, written by the renowned Irish writer and poet Oscar Wilde. A fact worth noting is that this is the only published novel by him which appeared as the lead story in ‘Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine’ on 20 June 1890.

The story is about a wonderfully charming young boy, Dorian Gray. One day, while sitting for his portrait, he figures out that ‘youth is the one thing worth having’. The pulse of joy that beats at twenty becomes sluggish with age. Limbs fail and senses rot. Youth generates into hideous puppet, haunted by the memory of passions of which it is too much afraid and that he does not have the courage to yield to those lovely temptations. Every youth dreads the day when his face would be wrinkled, his eyes dim and colorless, the grace of his fingers broken and deformed. The life that was to make his soul would ruin the body. This revelation sends sharp pangs of pain down his spine. Dorian then spells out a wish “If it were I who was to be always young and the picture that was to grow old” The wish miraculously stops the ageing process. You have to read this amazing tale filled with exciting twists and turns to know happens next.

With so many edge of the seat thrills, “The Picture of Dorian Gray” is absolutely un-put-down able. The reader is so engrossed in the story that he is transported to the very scene where it is happening. The story keeps your curiosity quotient all the time. This is not all, one can also come across many life inspiring quotes like “Experience is merely a name men give for their mistakes”, “Genius lasts longer than beauty” and “Great events take place in the brain; it is here that great sins of the world take place also”. Some of the words, indeed are difficult to understand but the kind of story in your hand, you don’t mind keeping your dictionary with you. “The Picture of Dorian Gray” is truly unforgettable, a must read for every reader who prefers quality reading.


Need for Keeping a Track of all your Expenses, No Matter How Small

It is a fact that there is a need for keeping a track of all your Expenses, no matter how small. The new age has witnessed an outburst of new inventions and discoveries in the field of science and technology. The old and simple way of living has given way to an ultra modern living which depends on cars, LCD’s, air conditioners and mobiles etc. In addition, there are the daily needs of food and clothes etc. The needs have increased and with it, the desire. The youngsters of today do not want to keep one mobile for too long but we forget that everything may be available to us but the prices have also rocketed sky-high. One time shopping only, extracts all the weight of your wallet! So it is vital to keep a track of all your expenses, no matter how small.

Each day, from morning to evening we have to do a lot of spending, once we step out of our homes. Keeping a track of expense would help us in many ways. We would know how much we are spending every day. We would be saved from over-expenditure and wastage of money. This would bring accuracy in our way of spending and we would save money. In order to keep a track of the expenses, we must note every penny which we spend every day. Whether we buy air conditioner or a simple cool drink, all the expenditure should be noted. This should be a daily activity and trust me it would take only a few minutes, if made a habit.

Another way of keeping a track of your expenses is to make a “budget spreadsheet and expense tracker” to review your funds easily. Make a list of the vital necessities and do away with the necessities which are more of a luxury. If a cooler can help, what is the need of an air conditioner? If at all you were beaten by temptations and brought an expensive device then cut down other small expenses to heal the loss. We cannot ignore the value of money in this age for the prices would only increase from now on and saving money is the only way to survive in this money-oriented world. So keep a track of your expenses and live happily!


How to Excel at Academic Writing – Essay

[box]How to Excel at Academic Writing – Essay [/box]

An Essay is a very important form of writing and it gains even more importance when we think about it from an academic point of view. Before writing an essay it is essential to know what an Essay is. An essay literally means an ‘effort to convey a meaningful thought’. Mainly, there are three types of Essays –

1. Narrative – Narrative Essays tell a story. It could be an account of a journey, or an autobiography etc.

2. Descriptive – A descriptive essay is a description of a significant, political, economic or academic affair. For example, the growing population of China etc.

3. Reflective – A reflective essay is for the mind. It is thought provoking, for example, the treatment of Jews in the plays of Shakespeare etc.

So the first thing in order to write an essay is to decide a subject that you are inspired with or persuaded to share with others. The topic should be meaningful and the writer must understand the nuances of the topic very clearly for if the writer is not clear about the subject himself then there is little hope that he would be able to communicate his point of view to the reader. After the topic is decided, the writer must collect all the details concerning the topic to form a good quality essay. An Essay has three parts –

1. Introduction – This is the beginning where the essay gains shape. It conveys the subject of the essay.

2. Discussion – This is the spine of the essay where the writer should give meaning to his topic. He supports it with explanations and arguments.

3. Conclusion – The essence of the essay is revealed in this part of the essay. The writer should bring out the real aim of his essay and give it an evocative end.

While writing the essay, the writer must remember that the essay should be interesting for the reader, he should establish a connection with the reader otherwise he would fail in his purpose of writing the essay. It would be a good idea to give some quotations in support of your subject as this would enhance the quality of the essay but you should be careful to write the exact quotation or it might backfire. These are basic elements which, if given value, can help you excel in essay writing and make an everlasting impression on the mind of the reader.

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